Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saigon Cafe

Today, took a trip to get some pho.  Not much options for food in my neck of the woods.  Asian places by me are usually just franchises like Panda Express or Big Bowl.  We drove a lil bit since we were really craving Pho and ended up at a lil places called Saigon Cafe.  From the outside it looks like a tiny lil thing, but the inside was real nice.  I'll probably give them a good review on Yelp later cuz their service was good and the food was above par too.

Le gf is coming to visit next weekend and I am super excited.  I know I don't get to update this site much cuz I honestly think I have maybe 3 people that actually check this thing... haha so I'm doing this moreso for myself.  But once she visits I'll have loads to update on!  I have a few surprises in store for her visit, and tons of food joints to check out.  I'm excited, and my stomach is too. lol.

In other news, I interviewed last week for a promotion at my current job.  The gf had an interview yesterday for an internship job.  Its been a crazy stressful week of focusing, studying, and hoping.  I hope we both did well!  I know le gf did amazing cuz well, shes amazing.  :) As for now, gonna keep focusing on finding work in the West while improving my resume with my hopefully acquired promotion and continue on my never ending search for the most delicious white chocolate macadamia cookie.   Till next time!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springs upon us.

It is finally starting to feel like Spring here in Chicago.
This has actually been the mildest winter that I've seen in all my years here.
Which is a relief since they were predicting a much worse winter than last year.
Goes to show that the weather man can't be trusted... lol.

The sushi pictures are from when we went out to eat for Joannie's birthday.
Oh gosh how much I miss her I can't even explain.
Sometimes I feel like I'm turning my brain off until I can see her again...
But that needs to stop!! I've started applying to numerous companies and hopefully...

We'll see. Thus ends another week. See ya guys!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 3, 2012 Whewww took a bit to select the photos to upload. Today was an extremely eventful day.
We started off with getting dimsum for lunch. It was my first time dimsuming, and ahhh the food was so good.
I wish I was more adventurous with my eating so I could try the strange things that passed by my table.

After lunch Joannie surprised me by taking me to the Hollywood sign!
But the surprise didn't end there, she also took me horse back riding.. which... I'll be honest
I don't like those smelly creatures!!! LOL. (bad experience when I was young)
But I sucked it up and enjoyed it, and turned out that they aren't that bad.
My horse was named Malcolm, and Joannie's was named Misty.. LOL.
Afterwards, we went shopping on Melrose and finished by getting dinner at Umami Burger.
Just seeing photos of the tots makes me drool again.
Thats it for now... I'll upload the rest soon!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 1, 2012 Joannie's Bday

March 4, 2012

Surprised JC by showing up a day ahead of schedule.  There are few moments that I really look forward to. Seeing JC is definitely at the top of the list.  We went out to eat at Boiling Point in Arcadia.  I realize that when we eat meals we tend to be quiet.  Its not that I have nothing to tell her, its more that I love food, I love her, and I'm suddenly in a really happy place.  It had been a little more than a month since the last time I saw JC.  It was definitely worth coming a day early to surprise her.