Sunday, March 11, 2012

Springs upon us.

It is finally starting to feel like Spring here in Chicago.
This has actually been the mildest winter that I've seen in all my years here.
Which is a relief since they were predicting a much worse winter than last year.
Goes to show that the weather man can't be trusted... lol.

The sushi pictures are from when we went out to eat for Joannie's birthday.
Oh gosh how much I miss her I can't even explain.
Sometimes I feel like I'm turning my brain off until I can see her again...
But that needs to stop!! I've started applying to numerous companies and hopefully...

We'll see. Thus ends another week. See ya guys!


  1. love the color of the pants in the first photo - good choice pairing it with the denim shirt - i'm obsessed with denim shirts! :)
    if you'd like, come see my blog.